Free Directories For Your Site

Free directories are still the right way to create links to your website. There are some good quality free and paid directories out there, here we have listed 100 free directories that actively review and accept submissions. We know this is disappointing when you find that they are of low quality and rarely or review presentations.

Please note that some of these may not apply to your business whether they are industry-specific, missing a related category or country-specific. However, this gives you some idea and hope, many decent links too.

General Directories

Standard directories provide a quick and easy way to get links back to your website. Not all lists are of the highest quality, but a quick review will uncover those that provide a decent connection. Here’s what to look for:

  • A human-edited directory tells others that directory owners are quality conscious. They do not want to accept any links presented in the list, a sign that they are trying to create or maintain a quality resource.
  • A directory that has strict guidelines also states that they want to build a quality resource. Those who reject gambling, adult and illegal websites will suggest that they take care of the quality of the directory.
  • A clean and simple navigational structure will improve the usability and quality of the directory.
  • It is preferred that a directory does not have more than 51 external links per page, from now on it will make your link virtually useless.
  • It is preferred that the directory is not created using a template used by thousands of other themes. These are not always easy to find, and the list created from the idea can still be a quality directory.

Try and submit your website to a category that is closely related to your business or website as it will help improve the relevance of the link.

Look out for niche directories related to your business. These will provide a much higher quality link than a generic directory.